AMICULUM Digital is part of AMICULUM, an independent global healthcare communications, learning and consulting business. We work very closely with all agencies across AMICULUM, combining our skills in scientific excellence and technology to deliver innovative digital products and services for our clients. We also work directly with global pharmaceutical and life science companies.
Our agile approach to planning, design and development enables us to create effective and compliant resources that engage users and deliver results.

Our core services

Through a mix of digital landscape knowledge, technology expertise and audience insights, we offer advisory services to help our clients adopt the best strategy in the digital space.

As a Veeva®-certified agency, we provide specialist Veeva services such as content migration, creation, localization, technical guidance and workshops.

We produce interactive communication tools through our expertise in UX, design and engaging content development.

Our Products

Introducing Convais®: a plug-and-play content distribution platform to store and deliver digital assets across mobile devices via a single intuitive app

Here are some of the applications powered by Convais that are currently in use by several of our clients:

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We do not share our actual client work here because confidentiality and compliance are important to us.

However, the examples below illustrate our approach – please contact us to find out more.

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KOL collaboration portal for HCPs to view/download materials and share and exchange best practices for peer-to-peer learning

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The Connect quiz that leverages gameplay for crowd engagement at booths, key message retention in e-learning modules or detail aids, or just for fun

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Interactive budget impact model that transforms dry data into engaging creative concepts that help demonstrate product cost savings

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Interactive MSL training tool that encourages self-paced learning through the record/playback feature to rehearse for live meetings in a virtual setting

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Interactive world map to display scientific data on a global scale and individual country data at a granular level

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Veeva-compliant interactive tools such as patient cases, e-detail aids, discussion guides, cost calculators and more


In addition to the fantastic technology, you really listen to our needs and deliver to address these…

Global Medical Lead

I know there is expertise and patience behind the scenes, really making an important contribution.

Global Medical
Training Director

Superb tool (Convais) that has changed the way I present to customers.

Account Manager

…I remember very well how easy it was working with you and the very high standard of support and tools provided…

Regional Medical Lead


Digital landscape expertise and ability to provide strategic recommendations
Global breadth, local depth
Creativity and ability to deliver innovative approaches
Agile approach for quick turnaround
Strong scientific and broad therapy area expertise across AMICULUM
A Veeva-certified agency partner
Expert interaction design and capabilities to develop content in various engaging formats
Strong understanding of digital channels

An assured partner to support you with your digital needs, from planning, design and development to creation of effective and compliant resources to engage users and deliver results

We’d love to hear from you!

To learn more about AMICULUM Digital and how we can support you, please contact: